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'Omie Tapa Art PNG' is the website and 'Omie Tapa art, PNG Exhibtions and Sales' is the Facebook name for the Omie Cultural Business Group, incorporated as a new association in March 2018. This organization works with all seven Omie villages in Oro Province PNG.
The sale of Omie tapa artwork will support not only the artists but will work through its community arts centre business structure towards projects for the benefit of all Omie people in providing such things as water tanks and solar lights.

Omie Cultural Business is made up of interested individuals and families, artists, village art centre management teams and the executive members numbering over 500 Omie people. All work in consultation with their new international partner Joan Winter trading as Baboa Gallery.

Artworks sourced from the Omie are available for viewing at Baboa Gallery. International people welcome. Tapa may be posted to you.


Balboa Gallery is open by appointment only.


Please contact 0401 309 694 or email


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